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Virtual English Spanish Classes: Unlock Bilingual Proficiency

Welcome to English And Spanish 2 You - your gateway to unparalleled language proficiency. Our virtual and in Person classes in Chicago are tailored for high school and college students seeking expert assistance in English and Spanish. With a primary focus on delivering top-quality language intervention, we pave the path to linguistic excellence and cultural enrichment.


Bridging Linguistic Horizons

At English And Spanish 2 You, we understand the challenges students face in mastering two of the world's most spoken languages. Our Virtual English Spanish Classes in Washington are designed to provide comprehensive language intervention that transforms learners into confident speakers, writers, and communicators.


We cater to a diverse range of proficiency levels, making our service suitable for beginners and those aiming for advanced mastery.


Catering to High School and College Students

Our service resonates with high school and college students who are eager to enhance their English and Spanish language skills. Whether you're grappling with grammar intricacies, aiming to articulate ideas eloquently, or preparing for language assessments, our classes provide the roadmap to success.


We combine a deep understanding of language pedagogy with an engaging learning environment to ensure your language journey is enjoyable and fruitful.


Navigating the Language Learning Journey

Our unique three-tier program guides students through the progressive levels of language proficiency: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. This structured approach ensures a seamless transition as you refine your skills and ascend the ladder of linguistic competence.


Our experienced instructors tailor their guidance to meet individual needs, fostering an atmosphere of encouragement and achievement.

Why Choose English And Spanish 2 You?


  • Expert Instructors: Our certified instructors are not only language experts but also passionate educators dedicated to your success.


  • Flexible Learning: Our virtual classes offer the convenience of learning from anywhere, while in-person sessions provide a personalized touch.


  • Low Anxiety Atmosphere: We understand the anxiety that often accompanies language learning. Our supportive environment encourages confidence and risk-taking.

  • Cultural Context: Learning languages is more than vocabulary; it's about cultural understanding. Our classes infuse cultural insights to make your language skills come alive.


  • Customized Approach: We recognize that every student is unique. Our classes adapt to your pace and learning style, ensuring effective progress.


Your Path to Proficiency Starts Here

English And Spanish 2 You is excited to partner with you on your journey to mastering English and Spanish. Whether you're starting from scratch or refining existing skills, we're committed to helping you achieve your language proficiency goals.


Our On-line English classes for Spanish speakers provide the flexibility and support you need to excel. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock a world of opportunities through language fluency.

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